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  • Words Without Borders

    All Grades, History,

    Read tales of street vendors and Shakespeare, personal accounts of Tiananmen Square and the Cultural Revolution, and love poetry from the Tang Dynasty era – […]

  • Responses to Chaos: Art, Religion and Literature in Six Dynasties China (221 to 581 CE)

    All Grades, Arts & Literature, Beliefs/Religion, History, Resource Collections

    Unless specially noted, all photos are credited to China Institute Gallery, Art in a Time of Chaos: Masterworks from Six Dynasties China, 3rd-6th Centuries, on […]

  • Shu – Reinventing Books in Contemporary China

    All Grades, Arts & Literature, History, Resource Collection

    Writing, Paper, and Printed Books in Pre-Modern China – 书在当代中国艺术中的再创 These web links and questions provide background for both contextualizing and appreciating China Institute’s first […]

  • Buddhist Sculpture from China

    All Grades, Arts & Literature, Beliefs/Religion, History, Resource Collection

    Selections from the Xi’an Beilin Museum Fifth Through Ninth Centuries Introduction To the northeast of the royal city there is a mountain, on the side […]

  • Woodcuts in Modern China

    All Grades, Arts & Literature, History, Resource Collection

    Woodcuts have a long history in China dating at least from the Tang Dynasty (See Note1)(618-907 BCE), and for centuries they have contributed greatly to […]

  • Beijing 2008: A Photographic Journey

    All Grades, Arts & Literature, History, Society, Resource Collection

    Introduction As early as 1906 an article about competitive sports in the magazine Tianjin Youth voiced Chinese aspirations to host the Olympics. The promotion of […]

  • Reform Era

    All Grades, Government, History, Society Resource Collection

    Introduction Over the last thirty years, the People’s Republic of China has undergone a series of dramatic economic and social reforms and consequently developed at […]

  • Sustainability in China

    All Grades, Environment/Nature, Economics, Government, Society, Resource Collection

    Featured Resources Related to Study Tours Summer 2010, “History, Culture, and Sustainable Development” & Spring 2011, “Yunnan – Continuous Change, Enduring Traditions” An inescapable remark […]

  • Tea, Wine and Poetry

    All Grades, Arts & Literature, History, Resource Collection

    Qing Dynasty Literati and Their Drinking Vessels-詩酒茶情 清代製壺名家遺珍 Tea, Wine and Poetry—Qing Literati and Their Drinking Vessels documents the production of Yixing tea ware during […]

  • Noble Tombs at Mawangdui Resources

    Grades 9-12, Arts & Literature, Beliefs/Religion, History Resource Collection

    Cosmic Journeys and The Search For Immortality (Grades 9-12) The character Xian, translated as “Immortal” or “Transcendent.” Is there life after death? Can one’s lifespan […]

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