Throughout the year, China Institute’s professional development program for K-12 Educators, Teach China, develops resources that help contextualize important topics in Chinese history, language, culture, and society. In addition, we also recommend helpful resources from other sources.

We invite you to explore our new resources and to search through past resources that may appeal to your specific interests and needs.

  • Resource Collections: Theme-specific resource collections developed by China Institute
  • Lesson and Unit Plans: Ready-to-use lesson plans on a wide variety of topics that are designed to be used across the grades and disciplines for K-12 educators
  • Curriculum Guides: In-depth collections of lesson plans and introductory materials on specific topics in Chinese history and culture
  • Interactive Timeline: This classroom tool allows students to explore Chinese history with comparisons to events happening around the globe
  • Videos: Access videos of China Institute lectures and programming that can be used in the classroom or for professional development
  • Other Chinese Studies Resources: A collection of useful outside resources about China
Resource Collections
Lesson & Unit Plans
Curriculum Guides
Other Resources