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    Words Without Borders ( Resource Collections )

    Read tales of street vendors and Shakespeare, personal accounts of Tiananmen Square and the Cultural Revolution, and love poetry from the Tang Dynasty era – […]

  • American Abstract Expressionists Franz Kline (above) was influenced by Chinese calligraphy. 2

    Chinese Calligraphy, the art of writing ( Lesson Plan )

    By Pearl Lau Title: Chinese Calligraphy, the art of writing Author: Pearl Lau Subject Area: Art, Social Studies, History, and Literacy Grade Level: K-12. This […]

  • Pic. 1: Carved Tomb Panel from the sarcophagus of Yu Hong’s tomb. The twelfth year of the Kaihuang period of Sui Dynasty (592) Unearthed in 1999 from the tomb of Yu Hong at Wangguo village in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province Shanxi Museum 8

    Responses to Chaos: Art, Religion and Literature in Six Dynasties China (221 to 581 CE) ( Resource Collections )

    Unless specially noted, all photos are credited to China Institute Gallery, Art in a Time of Chaos: Masterworks from Six Dynasties China, 3rd-6th Centuries, on […]

  • The Silk Roads in Central Asia, Showing Ancient Kingdoms and Empires 1

    From Silk To Oil ( Curriculum Guide )

    Travel the deserts and mountain passes of Central Asia with From Silk to Oil: Cross-Cultural Connections Along the Silk Road. This book of global studies […]

  • Left: Roman in his toga (Ancient Rome); Right: A pair of horsemen (Eastern Han) 1

    Han China and Ancient Rome ( Curriculum Guide )

    With the participation of teachers from all over the U.S., the Teach China program develops multi-disciplinary curriculum units aligned with national standards. In July 2001, […]

  • Pic. Left: Yuan Chin-ta, Piling Up Books (2005);Pic. Right top: The character for “to write” or “book” (shu). Calligraphy by Zhu Suiliang (596-658); Pic. Right bottom: The character for writing or a written composition (wen) From an inscription dated 156. 1

    Shu – Reinventing Books in Contemporary China ( Resource Collections )

    Writing, Paper, and Printed Books in Pre-Modern China – 书在当代中国艺术中的再创 These web links and questions provide background for both contextualizing and appreciating China Institute’s first […]

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  • “China’s inner Asian frontier, the land-locked area serving as the geographical setting for the Silk Roads, provides us with an excellent case study of global […]

    Nancy Jervis - From Silk to Oil