Below is a list of China Institute’s partners:

Beijing Yucai School; Beijing, China

A public school – founded in 1937 – with an enrollment of over 4000 students, Beijing Yucai School is consists of a primary school, a junior high school, a senior high school and an international department. Since 2007, China Institute has partnered with Yucai to bring groups of American high school students on an annual basis through its Summer Study in China-Beijing program. Learn More

Dandelion School; Beijing, China

Dandelion School, a nonprofit educational institute located in Beijing Municipality’s Daxing District, is the first and only middle school built especially for the children of low-income migrant families in China’s capital. Dandelion School has defined its mission as: Giving back the right to quality education to migrant children. Learn More

East China Normal University; Shanghai, China

Founded in October, 1951, East China Normal University (ECNU) is one of China’s premier universities. Teacher education is one of ECNU’s greatest strengths, as the university is well known for producing leading scholars and meaningful scholarship relating to educational theory and practice. At present, over 30,000 students- including 3,700 international students – are enrolled full-time at ECNU. In December 2008, the university was designated as one of China’s key research and training centers for Chinese language teachers. ECNU attaches great importance to the process of internationalism. In 2006, ECNU – in keeping with its goals of global outreach – established a partnership with China Institute to set up the Confucius Institute at China Institute, the first Confucius Institute in New York. Learn More

Suzhou High School-SIP; Suzhou, China

Building upon the legacy of Suzhou High School, founded in 1035 during China’s Northern Song Dynasty, Suzhou High School-SIP opened its doors in 2005. The school is located within the new Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), to the east of Suzhou’s city proper. The school’s roughly 1,300 students and 160 teachers and staff members are continually looking to expand its already strong network of international partner institutions. Since 2002, China Institute has worked with Suzhou High School-SIP to bring groups of school administrators, teachers and students to the school on a yearly basis. Learn More

Trinity School; New York, New York

Located on the borough of Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Trinity School is an independent co-educational, college preparatory day school for Grades K-12. Founded in 1709, it is the oldest continually operational school in New York City. Formerly affiliated with the Episcopal Church, Trinity no longer has ties to any religious organization and is a marked example of religious, socio-economic, racial and ethnic diversity. In the past, a number of Trinity students and faculty members have taken part in China Institute programs. In partnering with China Institute, Trinity School has one of the first Confucius Classrooms through Confucius Institute at China Institute. Learn More

White Plains High School; White Plains, New York

The schools of White Plains City School District serve the 50,000 residents of the City of White Plains, located approximately 25 miles northeast of New York City in Westchester County. The district takes great pride in its schools’ rich socio-economic and cultural diversity, state of the art facilities and pedagogical skill of its staff members. White Plains High School, the district’s flagship institution, was selected by the U.S. Department of Education as a School of Excellence in 1986-87.

The Institute’s relationship with White Plains Public Schools began in 2005 when an educator from White Plains High School participated in China Institute’s Teach China summer professional development course for K-12 teachers. The visit unexpectedly resulted in a formal sister-school relationship between Suzhou High School-SIP and White Plains High School. Since the beginning of their partnership, a host of American and Chinese students have participated in reciprocal exchange programs. In partnering with China Institute, White Plains Public Schools has one of the first Confucius Classroom networks sponsored through Confucius Institute at China Institute. Learn More