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  • The Silk Roads in Central Asia, Showing Ancient Kingdoms and Empires 1

    From Silk To Oil

    Travel the deserts and mountain passes of Central Asia with From Silk to Oil: Cross-Cultural Connections Along the Silk Road. This book of global studies […]

  • Chart of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, ending poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring prosperity for all. 1

    Sustainability in China

    Featured Resources Related to Study Tours Summer 2010, “History, Culture, and Sustainable Development” & Spring 2011, “Yunnan – Continuous Change, Enduring Traditions” An inescapable remark […]

  • Shenzhen, China 1

    Global Urban Explosion

    This lesson examines the environment impact of urban development around the world. By the conclusion of this lesson, students will be able to (1) describe […]

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    Defining Nature Through Art

    This lesson will teach students how to connect the various organisms within nature through an artistic lens. Students will develop their own definition of nature, […]

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    Environmental Roots and the Tree of Modern China

    This lesson will introduce students to environmental issues in contemporary China and have them approach and analyze these issues from the perspective of three different […]