• Pic. 2: Dating to around 168 BCE, the Daoyin tu was discovered in the burial materials of Mawangdui 馬王堆 (near Changsha; Hunan) 1

    Noble Tombs at Mawangdui Resources

    Cosmic Journeys and The Search For Immortality (Grades 9-12) The character Xian, translated as “Immortal” or “Transcendent.” Is there life after death? Can one’s lifespan […]

  • Polo Game - A mural of Tang Dynasty 2

    A Tang Newspaper

    With the participation of teachers from all over the U.S., the Teach China program develops multi-disciplinary curriculum units aligned with national standards. In July 2001, […]

  • Hao Junchen ‘Hugging a portrait of his deceased wife, an elderly man fulfils their dream of visiting Beiijing’ 2003 2

    Humanism in China Resources

    Hugging a Portrait of Wife For Fall 2009, China Institute Gallery has selected one hundred works from the groundbreaking collection of documentary photography at the […]

  • 1

    Understanding Filial Piety

    This lesson will explore the Chinese value of xiao, or filial piety, through a discussion of selections from the Analects and Mencius and an activity […]

  • Hutong, Beijing , China 1

    Learning to Look at Chinese Cities

    In this lesson students will compare photos of different urban areas in China, paying special attention to architecture, transportation, public spaces, and historical development. Students […]

  • "Noble Tombs at Mawangdui" display of Lady Dai artifacts from the Hunan Provincial Museum 1

    Understanding History Through Artifacts

    In this lesson, students will examine Lady Dai’s tomb through an exploration of the artifacts found there. They will study the objects buried in Lady […]

  • Li Dan ‘Tourists at the Wenshu Temple in Chengdu taking a souvenir photograph’ 1983 2

    Humanism in China: A Contemporary Record of Photography

    In this lesson, students will examine early photographs of China and the attached cartoon: A “Magic Lens”. This introduction to the early history of photography […]

  • Zhu Zhanji (Emperor Xuanzong, 1399–1435) Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Pine Tree(detail), 1431; Handscroll; ink on paper 33 x 453 cm 2

    The Last Emperor’s Collection Resources

    Painting and Calligraphy from the Liaoning Provincial Museum Introduction The Last Emperor’s Collection features more than twenty-four works of painting and calligraphy from the Ming […]

  • Monkey King’s Tour of Inspection Qing dynasty, 125 x 67 cm 1

    Enchanted Stories: Chinese Shadow Theater in Shanxi

    Treasures from the Shanxi Provincial Art Gallery Introduction The magic of the movies had a predecessor in the pre-modern world. For centuries, shadow theater — […]

  • Cultural revolution poster 1

    Political Change as Seen Through Posters

    In this lesson, students will identify shifts in themes and values represented in Chinese political posters ranging from the Mao Zedong era to the Deng […]