From Silk To Oil

All Grades, Arts & Literature, Beliefs/Religion, Economics, Geography, History, Society Curriculum Guide
  • The Silk Roads in Central Asia, Showing Ancient Kingdoms and Empires

Travel the deserts and mountain passes of Central Asia with From Silk to Oil: Cross-Cultural Connections Along the Silk Road. This book of global studies curriculum, funded by the U.S. Department of Education and produced by China Institute, begins in the second century BCE and ends in the contemporary period.

The twenty-three curriculum units consist of a lesson plan, written and visual documents, maps, tables, and even a Silk Roads board game. There is also a glossary; lists of additional resources; and a CD with the entire text and color images-including hotlinks to relevant websites-in PDF format.

From Silk to Oil is directed at teachers of high school world history, global studies, social studies, geography, literature, and art. Some units will also be suitable for advanced middle school, community college, and lower level university survey courses. To order a copy, please e-mail [email protected]


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  • Cover, prefatory material, and five introductory essays
  • Maps
  • Geography Along The Silk Road (Units A-C)
  • Ethnic Relations And Political History Along The Silk Roads (Units D-I)
  • Exchange Of Goods And Ideas Along The Silk Roads (Units J-M)
  • Religions Along The Silk Roads (Units N-R)
  • Art Along The Silk Road (Units S-W)
  • Supplementary Materials
Resource Type: Curriculum Guide
Caterogy: All Grades, Arts & Literature, Beliefs/Religion, Economics, Geography, History, Society Curriculum Guide


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