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  • Left: Roman in his toga (Ancient Rome); Right: A pair of horsemen (Eastern Han) 1

    Han China and Ancient Rome

    With the participation of teachers from all over the U.S., the Teach China program develops multi-disciplinary curriculum units aligned with national standards. In July 2001, […]

  • Hutong, Beijing , China 1

    Learning to Look at Chinese Cities

    In this lesson students will compare photos of different urban areas in China, paying special attention to architecture, transportation, public spaces, and historical development. Students […]

  • Shenzhen, China 1

    Global Urban Explosion

    This lesson examines the environment impact of urban development around the world. By the conclusion of this lesson, students will be able to (1) describe […]

  • View of the Tongzi moat surrounding the Forbidden City , Beijing, China 2

    Investigating the “Forbidden” in the Forbidden City

    This lesson is intended to teach students about the concept of forbidden spaces through an interactive, hands-on activity based on the history and design of […]

  • 2

    Multiple Perspectives on the Three Gorges Dam

    In this lesson, students will explore the pros and cons of the Three Gorges Dam, using classroom text and the attached websites. They will explore […]